Family Law

When one thinks of family law, the most common image is that of a couple divorcing. Although divorce does play a large role in family law, it is not the only role. Outside of the divorce are custody and support arrangements, property divisions, alimony/spousal support, and third-party visitations. In addition, adoptions are handled through family court.

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Divorce is not something anyone wants to see happen, but often it does. When a couple decides they can no longer live with one another, things tend to get ugly. Emotions run high, things get said both wish they could take back, and the relationship often deteriorates to the point that neither can even be in the same room.

AARLaw is most often called when the relationship has reached this stage. It is then that we work to get the situation as amiable as possible. The first goal is to restore peace for in doing so a better outcome can be achieved.

Often, all it takes is the two sides coming together through their attorneys to work out an arrangement which works for both.

When it does not, the team at AARLaw is ready to step into action.

Common Family Law Issues

In every divorce there are common issues which must be handled. From the dividing of the family to the dividing of the property, both sides may have legitimate claims. It is the job of the court to decide how to make this division of the family happen for the best interest of all involved, especially children.

It is the job of your AARLaw attorney to ensure that your family is best-served by the justice system.

One of the most common issues involves child custody. When both sides fight for custody, the children suffer. So, our first goal will be to try to get both parents thinking about what is best for their children. When both start to work together for the good of the children, a solution presents itself.

Another common issue involves the separation of property.

Community Property in Texas and New Mexico

Texas and New Mexico are both community property states, which means, generally-speaking, what’s yours is hers and what’s hers is yours.

So it is not quite that simple.

Community property states have provisions wherein what is owned before the marriage remains separate property. Property given as a gift is separate and an inheritance is likewise. All other property tends to be classed as community; separate property which becomes co-mingled with community is often classed community property during a divorce settlement.

In other words, when there is property involved, things tend to get sticky.

When Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

AARLaw logoPerhaps the most important question is when do you need to get a family law attorney on your case?

One simple rule of thumb is to get a lawyer involved as soon as you know he or she may be needed. Do not wait until there is a case. At that point, it may be too late to get the outcome your family deserves.

If you just suspect divorce could be in your future, get in touch with AARLaw Today.