Agricultural Law

Agriculture is one of the most regulated industries in the Western World today. Given that, each company which provides an agricultural product would need an attorney on retainer or staff.

What do Agricultural Lawyers Do?

Agricultural lawyers handle numerous issues related to their client’s operations. Some clients may face regulatory issues related to the environment, labor, land use, pesticide use, seeds, marketing, and more.

Of course, with many ag issues today becoming politicized, there are agricultural lawyers working both sides of many issues. The days of the family farmer standing before a judge getting a fair shake are over.

The other side has a lawyer. Your side should too.

What is Agricultural Policy and Law?

Agricultural policy refers to the set of laws which define domestic agricultural law and control foreign imports. The goal of these policies and related laws is maintaining supply levels, price stability, selection, quality, employment, and land use management.

What is the Ag Gag Law?

Because the agricultural industry is so tied to and at times dominated by politics, lobby groups, labor organizations, and semi-bureaucratic agencies, there is opportunity for corruption. This gave rise to laws designed to protect whistleblowers, which in turn gave rise to laws described as anti-whistleblower laws. Hence, Ag Gag laws.

What is the Agriculture Act?

The Agriculture Act of 1949 was passed for a couple of reasons. The first was to ensure supplies of agricultural products remained steady; the second was to give farmers incentive to grow too much. The Act would serve to ensure supply to the nation while providing a steadier stream of income to those providing ag products.

What is Farm Policy?

Often referred to as farm policy, U.S. agricultural policy which applies to a 5-year cycle in the legislative body. Rather than a single law, multiple programs related to farming, rural communities, forestry and bioenergy, and food and nutrition are addressed every cycle in “Farm Bills” or “Farm Acts.”

What was the Purpose of the Farm Bill?

The original purpose of the farm bills date to the Agriculture Act of 1949. The purpose was to maintain control over the supply of certain raw materials like crops and livestock. The government would provide price guarantees so that agri-businesses could grow as much as they could. This would ensure excess in most years, which would ensure supplies flow as needed. This would also protect agri-businesses from losing money and help them enjoy better cash flow, which further strengthens their business.

What is the Importance of Agriculture?

The importance of agriculture to the American economy can never be understated. Without the agricultural powerhouse operating a full-steam, large parts of the U.S. economy suffers.

At AARLaw, we know this. This is why we specialize in Ag Law.

We believe in the family farm and we believe in agri-business.

We believe that agriculture is the most important industry in the country and that it must be vigorously defended and protected.

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